Trisha Grace


About Author

Trisha Grace graduated from Bradford University with an Accounting and Finance degree. She has always been an avid reader and has a passion for writing. After being a tutor for over six years, she finally sat down and penned her own novels.

Why Christian Romance?



I have been blessed to be rooted in a grace church with a senior pastor who preaches so much about Jesus and God’s grace.  With the darkness in today’s world, I think the message should be shared to everyone.


So, I felt led to combine all that I have learned throughout the past few years with my favorite hobby. That, along with some other factors, was why I started typing my first book.

Who's my favorite author? And what inspires me?



Jane Austen! I love her books, my favorite being Pride and Prejudice.


I grew up reading Jane Austen's books, and I fell in love with the honor and chivalry found in the characters of her book. I hope that my characters would show readers the sense of honor that is lacking in today's world and perhaps inspire young ladies to find men who would honor and treasure them like princesses.