Trisha Grace
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Breaking Free

Ghost of the Past Book 5

So much has changed …


Not too long ago, Joanne Riley was a spoiled Barbie, nothing but a nuisance to her brother and his friends. Now, she has a job and is a whole new better person, and she can’t wait to show up at her high school reunion to show her friends how much she has changed.

Except she may not get the chance.

Days before the reunion, pieces of her newly built life start to fall apart.

Joanne’s friends are going missing one by one … And Joanne could be next.


Lucas McGowan, an obese boy who was the target of high school bullies, is now a superhero in Hollywood’s hottest franchise. He is determined to make everyone at the reunion regret how they treated him in high school.

His number one target—Joanne Riley.


Unresolved high school mystery collides with family drama and new mystery in the fifth book of the Ghost of the Past series. Will Joanne Riley get a happy ending of her own?