The Christian characters in my books aren't perfect because neither am I.

But Jesus still loves me.

And yes, He loves you too!

Three things about Trisha


I'm love the sitcom Friends

I think I'm a lot like Monica from Friends. Yes. I can get crazy and obsessive with cleaning

My bathroom is so clean you can sleep in it

Why Christian Romance?


I've been blessed to be rooted in a grace church that has a senior pastor who preaches so much about Jesus and God's grace.

With the darkness in today's world, I think the message should be shared with everyone.

Who's my favorite author? Who inspires me?


Jane Austen! I love her books, especially Pride & Prejudice.


But the first book that set me on my love affair with reading is actually Beauty and The Beast.

Yes, Disney's Beauty and The Beast.

From Belle, I learned that it's okay to love reading, to be a nerd.

It's perfectly okay that others think I'm weird.

She taught me to love myself no matter what others think, and I hope my books will inspire others like this too.

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