Books by Trisha Grace

Ghost of The Past series

Moving On

Ghost Of The Past Book 1



Two completely different personalities must learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that will change their lives.


Twenty years ago, Tyler Hayes was ripped from his childhood home. After a horrific accident took his parents' lives, Tyler's grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.


Now his grandfather has passed away and he can finally come home. However, even in death, Tyler's grandfather has betrayed him, leaving the mansion to a woman he’s never met.


Even though Kate Mitchell has never met Tyler, she knows all about the accident that changed the Hayes family. What she didn’t know was how she would be caught in a twenty-year estrangement between two generations.


Now, Kate has to figure out how to survive the year with a man who wants nothing to do with her . . .

Closing Books

Ghost Of The Past Book 2



The traditional roles of man and woman become twisted with Dan and Evelyn.


Dan isn’t a playboy. He doesn’t have any commitment issues. In fact, he wants it all—relationship and family. Only problem? He wants it with someone who doesn’t want anything to do with him.


Evelyn doesn’t fool around with relationships because she’s never been in one. She’s certain that things like love and happily-ever-afters aren’t meant for people like her. There’s simply too much darkness in her past.


A past she thinks she’s buried.


But she’s wrong.


After more than a decade, her nightmare returns to haunt her, forcing her to face up to memories she can’t seem to shake.


Can she ever close the books on her past and let go of the horrors she went through? Can she ever learn to trust again?

Growing Up

Ghost Of The Past Book 3



Marriages never work. Maybe they will work for his friends, but not for Ryan.


Ryan Faris is a self-proclaimed bachelor, enjoying his life. Over the past few years, he has seen his closest friends fall in love and get married. But that isn’t a life he wants.


He doesn’t need love or marriage to have a good life. He is surrounded by great friends and has started a business that is growing every day.


Things couldn’t be better in his life.


Then Ashley Frost walks back into his life, with a child in tow—his child.

Believing Again

Ghost Of The Past Book 4



Joseph has a choice to make …


Christine Skylar doesn’t trust doctors. Doctors have given her nothing but disappointment and frustration. But when she meets Joseph, she decides to take a chance with him.


Joseph Hansen used to be an ER surgeon. Despite growing up in a Christian family, he has always relied on science. He believes in cold hard facts and knowledge. To him, faith is irrational.


When he finds out the secret that Christine has been keeping from him, he has to choose between the science he believes in and the woman he loves.

Breaking Free

Ghost Of The Past Book 5



So much has changed …


Not too long ago, Joanne Riley was a spoiled Barbie, nothing but a nuisance to her brother and his friends. Now, she has a job and is a whole new better person, and she can’t wait to show up at her high school reunion to show her friends how much she has changed.


Except she may not get the chance.


Days before the reunion, pieces of her newly built life start to fall apart. Joanne’s friends are going missing one by one … And Joanne could be next.


Lucas McGowan, an obese boy who was the target of high school bullies, is now a superhero in Hollywood’s hottest franchise. He is determined to make everyone at the reunion regret how they treated him in high school.

His number one target—Joanne Riley.


Unresolved high school mystery collides with family drama and new mystery in the fifth book of the Ghost of the Past series. Will Joanne Riley get a happy ending of her own?

Messing Up

Ghost Of The Past Book 6



Coming Soon!!






Lydia's story will be out at the end of Jan 2020

Ghost Of The Past Box Set

Book 1 to 4




Get Book 1 to 4 of the series in one box set!

Finding Home Series

Home To You

Finding Home Series Book 1



Having your motion sensor alarm triggered at two in the morning is never a good thing—especially if you have a target on your back.


Emily Bennett is tired of traveling around the world and chasing story after story as an investigative journalist. She is tired of living—as her parents have always said—recklessly.


Now that she is a successful murder-mystery writer, she thinks it is time to try and lead a normal life.


Time to settle down and live life quietly.


And she is doing just that—in the picturesque beach town of Anchorville, Oregon.


But two weeks after moving into her beautiful new home, a man triggers her motion sensor alarm at two in the morning.


Minutes later, she is in the living room—a gun in hand—facing down the intruder.


An intruder who is supposed to be dead.


Emily wants answers. Unfortunately, Alexander Lewis doesn’t have any. He has lost his memory and is more confused about the situation than she is.


Emily doesn’t know what to do. She is supposed to be done with being reckless. She can’t possibly let Alexander stay, especially not when she suspects his aunt may be a murderer … right?

Always You

Finding Home Series Book 2



Having left her career as an investigative journalist, Emily thinks she is done with the world of crimes and dead bodies.

But is she?


Two weeks ago, Emily Bennett came face to face with a man who was supposed to be dead. Together with Alexander Lewis, she uncovered the murder of his parents and put the culprit—his aunt, Donna Price—behind bars.


That should be the end of their problems, right?


Donna is locked up. She can't hurt anyone else.


Besides, Emily isn't interested in uncovering anymore crimes. She’s done with that. In fact, she’s all dressed up, ready to leave Donna and the murders behind and go on a date with Alexander. She is ready to see where the connection she feels with the ex-marine who has come back from the dead will take them.


Then her phone vibrates with the security alert of her triggered motion sensor.


Next comes the fire.


And accusations soon follow.


Before the night is over, Emily and Alexander will find themselves dragged into yet another unavoidable problem. Can she ever find the peace and normalcy she is looking for in Anchorville?

Yes To You

Finding Home Series Book 3



Three murders.


Emily Bennett has been in Anchorville for less than two months, and she’s solved three murders.


But she isn’t done. She still has a biker gang to deal with.
She isn’t too worried about that, though. After all, Alexander Lewis is on board with her. He has her back. They’ll deal with the biker gang together.


That is until they realize how different they are.


They have the same goals, but what if they can’t get on the same page on how things should be done?


Perhaps the blindness of new love has run its course. Perhaps Emily’s parents are right: she just isn’t suited to a relationship.


Emily and Alexander have been through more than most couples. Can they get through the stress of yet another trouble even as they become the next scandal of Anchorville?

Mixing Love & Business (Billionaire) series


Mixing Love & Business 1



Arranged marriage in the twenty-first century. What could go wrong?




Hayley Espel has been told her whole life that she will be marrying Julian Nicholson. Their parents started Espel and Nicholson Holdings, and their union will only strengthen the company. Hayley doesn’t care about the business. She’s been in love with Julian for as long as she can remember. She would marry him even if he didn’t have a single cent to his name.


Julian, however, hates being arm-twisted into marrying Hayley. He will never trust an Espel, and he makes it clear to Hayley that he couldn’t care less about their marriage vows.


Heartbroken, Hayley is ready to walk away.


But one moment is all it takes to dismantle Julian’s and Hayley’s perfect lives. Can Hayley and Julian’s already frail marriage survive all that lies ahead of them?


A Fresh Start



Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes it feels as if everything is falling apart.


Paige Watson finds herself in that very situation. She has no choice but to leave behind everything she has worked so hard for and head to a small town in Wyoming.


It is the only way she can escape the relentless monster that has been after her over the past three years. It is the only way she can feel safe again.


But God works in mysterious ways, and Paige begins to think that leaving everything behind may not be so bad when she ends up working with Justin Doyle to fix up her house.


Just as she is beginning to enjoy her fresh start in life, the monster she has been hiding from returns.


Her worst nightmare has come true, and this time … she may not have a chance to wake from it.

Done Being Friends



They have been friends their whole lives, but what if that is no longer enough?


Faith and Zac grew up together. Faith grew up in a supportive and loving family while Zac’s family was basically non-existent. Both have money and looks, and they couldn’t be more suited for each other.


Even as they ventured into different paths in life, they’ve remained friends—best friends. It’s a line neither has dared to cross. But when Faith’s father collapses and is sent to the hospital, Faith’s perfect little world is turned upside-down.


Upon arriving at the hospital and seeing Faith in the arms of another, Zac sees the real possibility of losing her and decides to step up.


But not everyone is happy about the change, and amidst the chaos, more trouble awaits.


Can their friendship and love survive all that lay before them?