- Finding Home series -


A Contemporary Sweet Romance


Home To You


Having your motion sensor alarm triggered at two in the morning is never a good thing—especially if you have a target on your back.


Emily Bennett is tired of traveling around the world and chasing story after story as an investigative journalist. She is tired of living—as her parents have always said—recklessly.


Now that she is a successful murder-mystery writer, she thinks it is time to try and lead a normal life.


Time to settle down and live life quietly.


And she is doing just that—in the picturesque beach town of Anchorville, Oregon.


But two weeks after moving into her beautiful new home, a man triggers her motion sensor alarm at two in the morning.


Minutes later, she is in the living room—a gun in hand—facing down the intruder.


An intruder who is supposed to be dead.


Emily wants answers. Unfortunately, Alexander Lewis doesn’t have any. He has lost his memory and is more confused about the situation than she is.


Emily doesn’t know what to do. She is supposed to be done with being reckless. She can’t possibly let Alexander stay, especially not when she suspects his aunt may be a murderer … right?


Always You


Having left her career as an investigative journalist, Emily thinks she is done with the world of crimes and dead bodies. But is she?


Two weeks ago, Emily Bennett came face to face with a man who was supposed to be dead. Together with Alexander Lewis, she uncovered the murder of his parents and put the culprit—his aunt, Donna Price—behind bars.


That should be the end of their problems, right?


Donna is locked up. She can't hurt anyone else.


Besides, Emily isn't interested in uncovering anymore crimes. She’s done with that. In fact, she’s all dressed up, ready to leave Donna and the murders behind and go on a date with Alexander. She is ready to see where the connection she feels with the ex-marine who has come back from the dead will take them.


Then her phone vibrates with the security alert of her triggered motion sensor.


Next comes the fire.


And accusations soon follow.


Before the night is over, Emily and Alexander will find themselves dragged into yet another unavoidable problem. Can she ever find the peace and normalcy she is looking for in Anchorville?



Yes To You


Three murders.


Emily Bennett has been in Anchorville for less than two months, and she’s solved three murders.


But she isn’t done. She still has a biker gang to deal with.
She isn’t too worried about that, though. After all, Alexander Lewis is on board with her. He has her back. They’ll deal with the biker gang together.


That is until they realize how different they are.


They have the same goals, but what if they can’t get on the same page on how things should be done?


Perhaps the blindness of new love has run its course. Perhaps Emily’s parents are right: she just isn’t suited to a relationship.


Emily and Alexander have been through more than most couples. Can they get through the stress of yet another trouble even as they become the next scandal of Anchorville?

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