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Cozy Mysteries


Inspirational Romance


Sweet Romance

Cozy Mysteries

Deadly Home Ebook Cover

Deadly Home

Finding Home book 1

Alexander is supposed to be dead. Not breaking into Emily's house in the middle of the night.

Deadly Fire Ebook Cover

Deadly Fire

Finding Home book 2

A fire in town will set off a series of scandals. Scandals that Emily may not be able to handle.

Deadly Business Ebook Cover

Deadly Business

Finding Home book 3

Going to war with a biker gang probably isn’t the best idea.
But Emily doesn’t have a choice.

All The Lies Ebook Cover

All The Lies

Finding Home book 4

Emily loves her new life in Anchorville, but she may have no choice but to leave.

All The Secrets Ebook Cover

All The Secrets

Finding Home book 5

Emily can’t wait to leave Manchester. But well, fate has other plans.


All The Deals

Finding Home book 6

Emily can’t hide from it anymore. She can’t go home without first dealing with the head of an international assassin ring.

Inspirational Romance

Moving On Ebook Cover

Moving On

Ghost of the Past book 1

She’s nice. He’s not. Is love enough to melt a cold heart?


Closing Books

Ghost of the Past book 2

Evelyn’s gone through a lot, but more troubles lay ahead.

Growing Up Ebook Cover

Growing Up

Ghost of the Past book 3

Ryan’s a happy-go-lucky guy. That’s something he’ll have to change.

Believing Again Ebook Cover

Believing Again

Ghost of the Past book 4

Joseph believes in science. Science and religion doesn’t go together … right?

Breaking Free Ebook Cover

Breaking Free

Ghost of the Past book 5

Joanne is home and ready to start a new life … if only life is that easy.

Messing Up Ebook Cover

Messing Up

Ghost of the Past book 6

Lydia has messed up a lot of things, but she isn’t anywhere near done.

A Fresh Start Ebook Cover

A Fresh Start

What if the only hope to have a normal life is to leave everything behind?

Done Being Friends Ebook Cover

Done Being Friends

Zac and Faith has been friends their whole lives. What if that is no longer enough?

Sweet Romance

Arranged Ebook Cover


Arranged married in the twenty-first century. What can go wrong?

Beast Ebook Cover


Happily-Ever-After: The Illegitimates book 1

Happily-ever-afters are only for fairy tales, right?